WordCamp Nashville, and 10 tips to keep your code clean

The Poka Yoke Design team came together at WordCamp Nashville yesterday, to officially launch the business. We’re very excited to get started, and WordCamp Nashville was the perfect place for it. Our co-founder Michael Gyura came from Memphis, along with Susan, our Director of Operations, and our Director of Support, Justin, lives in Nashville. I’ve flown from Philadelphia to Nashville every year since WordCamp Nashville started in 2012, to be a speaker. This year I gave a talk on Agile Contracting for WordPress consultants. I’ll write another post about my talk once the video is available.

Almost all WordCamp talks are recorded and posted to WordPress.tv, and the best ones are featured on the home page. My 2013 WordCamp Nashville talk on Clean Code was featured on the home page for over 5 months. In that talk, I pointed out that something most developers don’t realize in their work is that the ratio of time spent reading code vs. writing code is, on average, over 10:1. So when we rush to meet a milestone deadline of a project, rushing causes us to do sloppy work, which results in the project going more and more slowly over time. This is because the more we rush, the more tangled and harder to understand the code becomes. In the talk I outlined 10 straightforward practices that any developer can follow, to start developing the skills and self-discipline to keep code clean and easy to understand. The purpose isn’t to satisfy some abstract notion of perfection – it’s so you can work all the time at a reasonably fast, steady pace, and at the same time consistently deliver quality work to your clients.

Here are the video and slides from my Clean Code talk, as well as some tweets from people who were there.

Tweets about the 'Clean Code' talk at WordCamp Nashville 2013

We’re Baaaack!

After a brief (or not so brief, depending on you look at it) hiatus, Poka Yoke Design is back up and running!

Although we were gone for a while, we’ve been hard at work pulling together a team of crazy and devoted people to meet all your needs. You can see more about us in our bios, but here is a quick overview of the people you will be working with:

•    Michael Gyura is the president and co-founder of PYD. He’s a pro on WordPress and likes to maintain that he isn’t a hippie, despite how much he loves the outdoors.
•    Mike Toppa is CTO and co-founder of PYD. He’s a master coder, with over 20 years of experience, and is just as good at Nerf gun battles thanks to his sons.
•    Susan Gyura is director of operations. She is great at planning, implementing and managing programs for PYD and is glad that sandal-weather is here.
•    I, Rachel Shussett, am the social media and marketing director. Strategic planning and writing are my forte, and when that’s not happening I’m probably playing my guitar or running.
•    Kyra Dosch-Klemer is PYD’s lead designer. She is wonderful at crafting both traditional print and websites/apps that are unique and user-friendly. She loves to practice yoga and lives for media artwork.
•     Justin Near is director (or Queen, if you will) of support. She is available to PYD clients no matter the problem. Outside of the technology world, Justin also has a small business selling crafts that are handmade by homeschooled students and families in the Nashville area.

We are so excited to be back in the web designing game and can’t wait to show you some of our new and improved moves. Stay tuned for much more to come.